From the smell of freshly baked rolls and donuts frying, wafting through the air three blocks away, I know the direction of the bakery even on this dark and foggy morning. I am 11 years old, and I am off to work at my parents’ bakery. I have, of course, been here thousands of times […]

The Bell Curve of Baking

I am often asked about how best to troubleshoot the problems we face in the production of artisan bread. This in itself is a complex request because there are many steps that

Starting A Micro Bakery

Have you thought about starting a Micro Bakery? In March of 2020 when the world was experiencing the effects of Covid, Michael decided to start a Micro Bakery in his home to

Calculating Your Bakery’s Capacity

In this upcoming article Michael will share important details on how to size a new bakery, calculate an existing bakery’s efficiency, and how to determine the square footage needed in a new