Bakery Design & Layout

Michael Eggebrecht has toured hundreds of bakeries world-wide in the past 25 years giving him the opportunity to meet experienced bakers from all over the world. We take great pride in our understanding of bakery design and production efficiency. By using a simple formula we can determine exactly how much space is needed in a new building project or how much production capacity you can achieve in an existing building. We have built bakeries of all sizes using this tested formula and know firsthand that it is accurate and proven in the industry.

In a world of Big Box Stores and Fast Food Chains the local bakery is an oasis of natural food and simple ingredients. Every bakery has its own niche and clientele which in turn demands different products and menus.

RETAIL BAKERY with small wholesale capacity

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Here is a bakery design that we did in California. This small bakery is capable of producing bread and pastry for both retail and small local wholesale as well as producing salads and sandwiches for the retail area. This bakery has a medium size deck oven that is capable producing over 1,00 0 lbs of bread per shift.

The seating area is very open inside because there are an additional 22 seats outside.


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This bakery was designed and built to meet the needs of a successful growing retail/wholesale bakery similar to the one above. The owners worked with us closely on equipment selection and the layout. Since this bakery was to be built in Central Florida we factored in the extra heat on the face of the building and shielded it away from the production space. By incorporating a wall running the length of the building to separate shipping and receiving we were able to block extra heat from the make-up areas. We then added extra cooling capacity to the mixing and fermentation area.

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Every bakery design has its challenges. ABR was asked to join this design team late in the game when many other key building designs were already set in stone. Literally! The building had a full set of windows across the back wall of the bakery allowing street traffic to see into the space. It was necessary to incorporate the openness of the space and the natural light into the bakery allowing both customers and traffic to see through the bakery. By centralizing the main oven and then spreading out the mix room and dish room we were able display the baking and still give an open feeling to an otherwise busy little area.


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The sheer size of this bakery makes it hard to display on a computer. This bakery encompasses a whopping 65,000 SF. This bakery needed to expand to a new facility after outgrowing their current urban space of 25,000 SF. After market studies and review of available buildings in the area they settled on more than twice their current space.


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This bakery commissary was built to support a regional grocery store chain’s in-store bakeries. Primarily it was designed to produce some artisan bread as well as pan breads, buns, and rolls. ABR procured all equipment for the bakery as well as equipment arrival, commissioning and training.