Bakery Consulting

Bakery Layout and Design

After touring hundreds of bakeries world-wide in the past 20 years we learned a thing or two about bakery design and efficiency. By speaking with bakery owners and managers throughout Europe and North America we devised a way to calculate production capacities per square foot of space. By using a simple formula we can determine exactly how much space you will need in a new building project or we can tell you how much capacity you can achieve in an existing building. We have built both large and small bakeries using this tested formula and know firsthand that it is accurate and proven in the industry.

Product Development

Product development is where we began over 20 years ago. Flour, water, yeast and salt: the base ingredients for bread that can make thousands of different products. At ABR we specialize in taking your vision and creating products that match you and your customer’s tastes.


We love to get our hands dirty. There is no better way to learn than hands on training and classes at your facility. By sending in our master baker(s) we can work directly with your ingredients and equipment to train your staff exactly how to produce YOUR bread and pastry. Off-site classes are a great way to learn and energize your staff but when it comes to getting applicable training fast nothing beats an onsite visit from one of our bakers.


Opening a bakery can be challenging but with the right preparation you will be ready for the big opening. ABR has started and opened many bakeries in the past 20 years and we are able to share this knowledge and experience directly with you. We bring schedules, SOP’s, recipes and formulas, and so much more to the table during opening and can help you navigate the challenges that lie ahead.


With more than three decades of experience in the baking industry, Michael offers invaluable insights to growing bakeries striving to boost production output amidst current labor market constraints. Michael brings a wealth of experience and deep expertise in baking alongside a rich history of optimizing production capabilities through calculated automation investments. His background underscores a keen understanding of bakery operations, enabling him to enhance efficiencies and oversee the procurement of bakery equipment.

Michael’s expertise is particularly relevant in today’s landscape, where labor shortages necessitate innovative approaches to improve production levels. His proficiency in people operations enables him to address workforce challenges effectively, thereby enhancing organizational performance.