Michael Eggebrecht, President of Artisan Baking Resources, Inc. established ABR in 2003 to share his knowledge and experience in the craft baking industry. A 9th generation baker, Michael started baking at his father’s bakery at age 11 and he later opened his first bakery at age 21. His passion for the art and craft of traditional bread baking extends far beyond man and machine to encompass the entire bread baking business.

Michael consults for artisan bakeries around the world. He specializes in product development, production efficiency, bakery layout and design and automation for artisan bread. By using a blend of modern equipment and traditional techniques he has been able to show his clients how to produce quality bread made consistently and efficiently while maintaining the integrity of this ancient craft.

How Can We help you?

We can help you determine the best equipment for the products you want to produce. ABR has become a leader in the use of modern equipment with traditional techniques – without taking away from the authentic production and baking processes that makes your bakery artisan and unique. We help you optimize and simplify your bakery layout and design, giving your bakery the most efficient floor plan. Reducing employee steps and using equipment to reduce labor costs. We use a formula that allows you to know how much dough you can produce in the space you have available. We can help you create a clear cost evaluation for your bakery through the use of defined budget standards. We are here to ensure your bakery is successful because we have the expertise and resources to assist with anything you and your bakery may need.

Who we have worked with

We opened ABR in 2004 and in these past 20+ years we have had the opportunity to work with many bakeries and equipment companies. We have been able to design and consult for both big wholesale artisan bakeries and small corner retail bakeries. In addition to consulting we have also helped many bakeries research and find equipment to help them grow.

Below are some of our friends we have made along the way: