Dough Sheeters

Reversible Dough Sheeters are a must-have for any bakery who produces Viennoiserie, sheeted cookie dough, donuts or any other items that were traditionally produced using a rolling pin. They save time and strain on you and your bakers and produce a very uniform product ultimately leading to a better end product. 

We offer several different versions to choose from: from the table top model for the small bakery, floor models in multiple sizes and with multiple attachment options as well as our fully programable sheeters for the wholesale bakery. Many of our models can be outfitted with cutting attachments that will take your efficiency to another level. 

We are proud to offer our line of sheeters that are built solid and robust with intuitive controls and offer them at a good value. 


Table Top Reversible Dough Sheeter

Our Table Top Reversible Sheeter is built on the same rugged design as our free-standing models yet come in a small package that is easy to add to any micro-bakery or food service establishment.

Built with an eye on sanitation and ease of use this small sheeter will be an integral part of your bakery for years to come.


Floor Model Reversible Dough Sheeter

LAM Reversible Floor Sheeter is the definitive multi-task solution for your bakery. It’s perfect for laminated dough, cookies, pie crusts, fondant, dog treats, donuts a lot more! Large rollers for large dough capacity this sheeter will provide you with consistent, quality production. With the easy-to-read digital display it shows precisely the sheeting thickness. At the end of the day, removable polyethylene scrapers make cleaning the sheeter a snap. Additionally, it has a folding design and foot lever activated rollers to allow for easy storage. You also can choose from an array of cutting attachments to increase efficiency in dividing the products.


Automatic Reversible Dough Sheeter

The SMART and Industrial SMART Programmable Dough Sheeters are ideal for laminated dough, cookies, pie crusts, fondant, Dog treats and a lot more. This series of dough sheeters is perfect for medium sized bakeries and wholesale operations looking to expand their efficiencies’ and lower labor costs. With easy to clean large rollers you will be able to handle larger amounts of product per step. The programmable touch screen allows for storage of up to 50 recipes. The Smart Series Sheeter can also be outfitted with cutting tools to achieve even greater throughput.

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