Dough Divider + Moulder

Make bakery items with the highest quality and consistency using dough dividers and rounders. Empire's dough dividers and rounders allow you to quickly and easily shape and cut dough in the same step. The machines eliminate the time and labor needed to make the complex bakery items, and ensure each item is perfectly shaped. With the right amount of dough in the right configuration, all your breads, buns, rolls, pizzas and more look and taste great.

Choose from different levels of automation, different sizes and different volume output levels to get the right dough divider/rounder for your business. Smaller machines for bake shops looking to save time and money without taking up too much space can fit into tighter corners while larger machines are ideal for large bakeries that want to increase high levels of production. Choose a machine based on the type of dough and the size you are working with or choose a multi-tasking, versatile machine to work with many different types of round dough and bakery items.

Designed to be long-lasting and easy to clean, so you can save time and money without sacrificing quality. Click on an item below to learn more and discover which dough divider/rounder is right for your bakery, cafe, restaurant or another business.


SPA Dough Divider Rounder

The SPA Dough Divider/Rounder is the perfect labor-saving addition to your bakery, pizzeria, cafe or restaurant. Buns, rolls, pizza dough, even tortillas - just to name a few - can be divided and rounded quickly and consistently.

The SPA Series is composed of three models: semi-automatic, three-quarter automatic and fully automatic. It's sturdy steel- frame is galvanized and electro-welded for strength. Cleaning and maintenance are a snap thanks to it's easy-tilt aluminum cast head; and the 304 stainless-steel knives and food-safe polyethylene plates are designed to provide years of reliable, worry-free production. All of the SPA Dough Divider/Rounders fully conform to CE standards.


Available in Three Models:Semi-Automatic (SPA-SA)
Hand Lever Operated Dividing and RoundingThree-quarter Automatic (SPA-TA)
Push Button Dividing, Lever Operated RoundingFully Automatic (SPA-A)
Push Button Dividing and Rounding

Divides and Rounds Dough from 1/2 oz - 9 1/8 oz.

Easy-Tilt Aluminum Cast Head for Simple Cleaning.

Sanitary 304 Stainless-Steel Dividing Knives.

Ships with 3 Food-Safe Polyethylene Plates.

Sturdy Steel Frame Construction Provides Years of Worry-Free Production.

Configurations from 15 to 52 Divisions Available.

Maximum Dough Capacity of 8 3/4 lbs per Divide.

Fully Conforms to CE Standards.


The Lyra 2 Pocket Roll Divider Rounder

Looking for a machine for your bakery or cafe that can save you time and money every day? The LYRA 2 Pocket Roll Divider Rounder can produce up to 4000 pieces per hour between 1 and 5 1/2 ounces. The hopper can hold approximately 40 lbs of dough. The way it works is dough is gently fed to the adjustable dividing chambers by a star wheel dosing system. When adjusted it gives the required weight with minimal punishment for maintaining artisan quality products.

Easily interchanged chambers round the dough in two stages, providing gentle handling and superior rounding. The rounding mechanism is adjustable for both speed and pressure for even the gentlest dough. The dough is discharged from the rounder for manual panning or can be coupled to a proofer or moulding station for an automated process if you wish. The touch screen control panel can store 50 programs and is operated by a PLC.

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