Artisan Baking Resources, Inc.

training, bakery layout & design, start up assistance, product formulation

25 years of hands on experience


equipment selection:

We established Artisan Baking Resources as a platform to teach others how to produce high quality artisan bread. A craftsman in any profession needs the proper tools for the task at hand, especially when that task is to bake, divide, mix, shape, and package artisan baking products. The baking equipment you choose has the ability to make or break your production capacities. It is important to invest wisely. 

The bakery equipment market is saturated with many manufacturers and even more salespeople. Deciding which to go with can be tough. After all, each company will tout their own machines as the best in the industry. The truth is that each machine has it's strengths, and it's weaknesses. The key to selecting the proper machinery for your specific needs is being able to objectively analyze all of your options. 



consulting services:

As a 6th generation baker with over 25 years of direct consulting services, Michael may XXXXXXXX


bakery layout & design:

The layout of your bakery can make or break your success. Ensure max productivity and organization with a layout that takes all of your needs into consideration. For examples and suggestions, click the link below: