How can we help you identify your equipment needs?

Need a helping hand selecting the right equipment for you? Let us know! We've developed long standing relationships with the top equipment companies in the industry, and hands on experience with the machines themselves. In order to stay up to date, we attend most of the bakery shows worldwide. We can assist you with answering the following questions:

  • How reliable are these machines long term?

  • How reliably does each company respond to service requests?

  • How does initial cost compare?

  • How do the costs of maintenance/repairs compare?

  • What is new in the industry/what kinds of advances can we expect to see?

Our goal here is to ensure you make the best possible investment for your bakery, as our passion is in helping small businesses in our industry succeed.  Our services in this particular arena include:

  • Getting to know you, your bakery and your needs

  • Conducting a product study

  • Setting a budget

  • Selecting the best machinery based on this information

  • Working directly with the manufacturers to get the best possible price

  • Monitor the shipping and installation of the new piece

  • On site installation and training assistance

Types of equipment

Handling Ingredients:

  • Flour Silos


  • Fixed Bowl Spiral Mixers

  • Removable Bowl Spiral Mixers

  • Bowl Lift or Bowl Elevator

  • Tilt Mixers

Dough Handling:

  • Tub Lifts

Roll Dividing and Make-Up

  • Piston Dividing

  • Stress Free Roll Divider

Bread Dividing and Make-Up:

  • Stress free dividers

  • Pan Bread Piston Lines

  • Moulders

  • Baguette Moulders

Proofers and Retarders:

  • Ovens

  • Rack Ovens

  • Deck Overs (Electric, Steam Tube, Cyclothermic)

  • Oven Loading Solutions