Product development is where we began over 12 years ago. Flour, water, yeast and salt: the base ingredients for bread that can make thousands of different products. At ABR we specialize in taking your vision and creating products that match you and your customer's tastes. 

We love to get our hands dirty. There is no better way to learn than hands on training and classes at your facility. By sending in our master baker(s) we can work directly with your ingredients and equipment to train your staff exactly how to produce YOUR bread and pastry. Of site classes are a great way to learn and energize your staff but when it comes to getting applicable training fast nothing beats an onsite visit from one of our bakers. 

There is no getting around having a thorough food safety program in your bakery if you plan to grow. In this day in age almost all wholesale accounts ask you to have a HACCP program and be audited by a respectable 3rd party company. ABR works directly with your bakery to prepare for the audit by sharing our checklists and HACCP Guide.