Every Bakery is different, and thereby special. In a world of Big Box Stores and Fast Food Chains, the local bakery is an oasis of natural food and simple ingredients. Every bakery has its own niche and clientele, which in turn demands different products and menus. This means that your layout needs are niche to your specific product/menu offerings.

After touring hundreds of bakeries world-wide in the past 20 years we learned a thing or two about bakery design and efficiency. By speaking with bakery owners and managers throughout Europe and North America, we devised a way to calculate production capacities per square foot of space. Via a simple formula, we can determine exactly how much space you will need in a new building project, or how much capacity you can achieve in an existing building. We have assisted both large and small bakeries using this tested formula. We’ve seen it’s accuracy proven firsthand in our industry.

Whether you have an existing space already picked out, are planning to expand, or a new bakery owner - we can help you ensure your bakery is laid out for optimum efficiency. Contact us now for a consultation.


Project Examples: