Artisan Baking Resources, Inc., offers a full range of equipment, consulting, and small wares for the craft & commercial baker. In a world of big box stores and fast food chains, the local bakery is an oasis of natural foods and simple ingredients. Each bakery has its own niche and clientele, which in turn demand different products and menus. Every Bakery prides itself on beautiful, handcrafted food that you can see and taste, making your brand memorable. While you make your bakery extraordinary and keep your customers captivated with your baked goods you need to meet your financial goals.


We can help you determine the best equipment for the products you want to produce. ABR has become a leader in the use of modern equipment with traditional techniques - without taking away from the authentic production and baking processes that makes your bakery artisan and unique. We help you optimize and simplify your bakery layout and design, giving your bakery the most efficient floor plan. Reducing employee steps and using equipment to reduce labor costs. We use a formula that allows you to know how much dough you can produce in the space you have available. We can help you create a clear cost evaluation for your bakery through the use of defined budget standards. We are here to ensure your bakery is successful because we have the expertise and resources to assist with anything you and your bakery may need.

Do you have an existing bakery? We understand the challenges you face and how to help you solve them.

Is your dream to start an Artisan Bakery? Do you have a great idea, and the drive to bring it to fruition? We can help you pursue your dreams realistically and pragmatically.

Michael’s extensive travels have given him the opportunity to tour and consult with hundreds of bakeries, and meet experienced bakers from all over the world. We have learned that no two bakeries are exactly alike. We value our client's success and so we provide individualized attention to your bakeries needs, long term goals, products, and budget.


Michael Eggebrecht, President and CEO established Artisan Baking Resources, Inc. in 2004. Michael grew up in a bakery. His parents owned and ran a family pastry bakery which opened in 1948 in Southern Illinois. Over the years, he found his passion was for artisan bread he began his quest to learn the craft; opening his first bakery at the age of 21. To further hone his skills he spent a week with Alan Scott, a renowned baker & brick oven builder. And he has traveled all over the world to work with artisan bakeries.

He offers real world experience, skill, technique, and hands-on knowledge in all facets of the baking business. He is an expert in his field as a 9th generation baker, consultant and educator. Michael has contributed to the success of bakeries throughout the US, Canada, South America, Asia, Middle East and Europe.

He is an active member of The Bread Bakers Guild of America and has been featured in Modern Baking, Baking and Snack, and Baker Buyers magazines, as well as numerous newsletters. He teaches classes for equipment manufacturers, bakeries, The Bread Lab, IBIE, and The Artisan Bakery & Pizza Expo’s.

Domenica Eggebrecht, is the Vice President and Operations Director for Artisan Baking Resources, Inc. She joined ABR in 2011 with over 12 years of bakery finance & operations management experience. Her career has focused on the technical details of the commercial artisan baking industry, using employee and process procedures to streamline and integrate departments within a commercial bakery environment to meet defined financial budgets.